Among the most important clients we provided our audit, accounting and consulting services in recent years, especially include:

Companies and cooperatives

ČEVAK a.s. (Member of international group ENERGIE AG) ► ARCDATA PRAGUE, s.r.o. ► ATELIER 8000  spol. s r.o. ► BENNING CR,  s.r.o. ► COATES LORILLEUX s.r.o. ► CONDUCO a.s. ►CSC Computer Sciences s.r.o. ► ČKD NOVÉ ENEREGO a.s. ► DEA a.s. (Member of the international group DEA) ► EPA a.s. ► FLOD PRAHA, a.s. ► HARDEST a.s.  ► HARES s.r.o. ► IGY a.s. ► INFRAZET a.s. ► INKOMA spol. s r.o. ► Intrum Justitia, s.r.o. (Member of international group INTRUM JUSTITIA) ► ► JANA s.r.o.►Lach-Ner, s.r.o. ► LAVAT a.s.  ► LIPNO SERVIS s.r.o. ► SAMAGO, spol. s r.o. ► SPT TELECOM s.p. in liquidation ► Building housing association STAVEG ► TECHNOEXPORT joint-stock company for foreign trade ► TEST, spol. s r.o. (Member of international group TFN) ► TFN s.r.o. (Member of international group ATALIAN INTERNATIONAL) ► UNI-DATA Praha, spol. s r.o. ► Univerzální stavební, a.s. ► VODOSPOL s.r.o. (Member of the VEOLIA WATER INTERNATIONAL Group).

Non-profit organizations - health insurance companies

Military Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic Prague ► Crystal Health Insurance Company ► Health Insurance Company Sports ►  Health Insurance Company Škodováků ►  Garant Hospital Insurance Company ► Mladá Boleslav Employees Insurance Company ► Branch Health Insurance Company of Banks and Insurance Companies Employees

Non-profit organizations – other

Association of health facilities in Mladá Boleslav - Klaudian Hospital in Mladá Boleslav ► HC Sparta   Civic Association ► Association of health facilities in Nymburk. 

Reconstruction of Accounting

Clients did not grant their consent to publication.


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